Yes on I-522 Needs YOU

I522 phone bankOnly ONE week before Washington voters decide on GMO labeling.

What happens in Washington could ultimately effect labeling for all of us.  WE need to step up and help them win the Yes on I-522 ballot initiative.

Phone calls need to be made to reach those remaining undecided voters before election day on Nov. 5th.  Come on everybody, roll up your sleeves and get started.  The opposition is pushing hard…we need to push harder.

I’m ready, so tell me what to do…. 4 Easy Steps to Get Started

What’s this phone banking system and how does it work?

Call Fire Demo – a quick demo of the phone program is provided.  Read through the quick steps outlined below and then try it out.

Read these next three steps first:

  1. First, enter your phone number and email where requested.  You can leave all the other info as it is and then click NEXT.
  2. Your phone will ring, so answer it.  You will be asked to press # on your phone. So go ahead and follow along.
  3. The system will give you an Agent ID number to enter on your screen.  Enter the number on your computer and click LOGIN.  Sit back and listen to the demo which shows you how easy the phone system is.  The demo will instruct you to click on items, go ahead…that’s what a demo is for.

Try it out and see how easy it is.  It’s THAT easy!

Still have questions….we’ve got answers….

Some of the top questions people ask about volunteering for phone-banking:

1.  Do you have to live in Washington state to make calls?  No you can live anywhere in the US and help out.  Washington and Yes on I-522 needs all hands on deck.

2.  I can’t make long distance calls, won’t I have to call people in WA state?  You don’t have to call out, the system will call you.

3.   What are you supposed to say?  Prepared materials are available.  Here’s the script.  Here’s the FAQs.

4.  Is there training for this?  Yes the next training is OCTOBER 30 at 5 PM Pacific Time, sign up now!

I’m ready, so tell me what to do…. 4 Easy Steps to Get Started


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