If GMOs are so GREAT why don’t they LABEL them?

Over 90% of the American public wants GMOs labeled.  Why do the big food companies produce and sell non-GMO products in over 60 countries but spend millions of dollars to keep the US citizens in the dark about what they’re eating?


GMO Labeling Bill Voted Down In Senate – May 23, 2013

The Senate voted overwhelmingly — 71 to 27 – against an amendment to the sweeping farm bill, squashing a measure that would not have required labeling of genetically modified organisms, but merely would have let states decide if they wanted to require such labeling.  Read more…


Changing Labels Won’t Increase Food Prices

Adding a few words to a label has no impact on the price of making or selling food.  A former GMA spokesman told The New York Times as much in 1990 when the first Bush Administration decided to require mandatory nutrition labeling. A recent study by a former Food Marketing Institute expert also found no evidence that label changes boost food prices.  Read more…

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