Call Congress to Stop the TPP NOW!

Urge Congress to STOP the TPP trade deal

There’s a trade deal under consideration—the Trans-Pacific Partnership (also known as the TPP)—that would allow corporations to overrule U.S. laws.

We need to stop this bad deal before it becomes the law of the land!

No more pollution protection

This trade deal would give polluters unrestricted access to our land, air, and water, if they see a profit opportunity. Environmental toxins pose the greatest risk to children. We need to be able to challenge polluters that want to enter and pollute our communities!

This bad deal would give polluters rights to our land, air, and water.

No right to label GMOs

Citizens across the U.S. have been working hard to make labeling of genetically engineered foods the law. We’ve seen allergies and other health problems in our own children and know we need full disclosure about what’s in the food we buy.

This bad deal would likely make the labeling of genetically engineered foods illegal because it could interfere with the profits of giant chemical companies.

Too many secrets

The text of this deal is secret, making it the first-ever trade deal with classified language. Members of Congress are only allowed to see the language one section at a time, and only if they promise not to tell anyone about it!

This bad deal has been worked out in secret by the president and hundreds of the world’s most powerful corporations.

We need an open debate

The President wants to “Fast Track” this deal—get Congress to limit debate and to “take or leave” the whole deal with an up or down vote.

Fast Track Authority would mean this bad deal could become the law with almost no debate!

call or write

Contact YOUR state Reps (202) 224-3121,
urge to Vote NO to TPP Fast Track!!

The vote could come up at any time, we need to STOP TPP FAST TRACK.
Congress listens to us when we stand together.

Top 10 Reasons to Call Our State Reps to Urge a ‘Vote No to TPP Fast Track’:

  1. The TPP would allow the GMO lobby to go global — meaning increased biotech farming acreage across the U.S., forcing unlabeled GMOs on populations of participating countries;
  2. Food labels, country or origin labels, or genetically modified food labels, would be eliminated as ‘trade barriers’ that impede corporate profits;
  3. All TPP member countries would be required to standardize sanitary measures, meaning the lowest food safety and environmental standards will be the standards adopted in compliance with the lowest minimum-wage laws;
  4. The TPP would flood the U.S. with unsafe and unlabeled imported food and seafood from countries like Vietnam; we will not be able to control what we eat, or even know what is in the food we eat;
  5. The TPP would allow foreign corporations to sue governments in offshore tribunals for unlimited cash compensation for almost any domestic environmental or other law that the corporation believes is hurting its ability to profit;
  6. The TPP would allow liquid natural gas export permits to be automatically approved without any review or consideration, meaning there would be an explosion of fracking across the U.S., potentially reversing local fracking laws;
  7. The TPP will replace small family farms with corporate agribusinesses meaning CAFOs will increase too polluting our local waterways with antibiotic resistance;
  8. The TPP will destroy heirloom seed brands and biodiversity because farmers will not be able to sell non-‘standardized’ crops, access to ‘local grown’ food will end;
  9. Big Ag has already started a ‘land grab’ to consolidate its control over both production and distribution of genetically modified crops; and
  10. The TPP would allow Monsanto to add other crops to the line of its ‘RoundUp Ready’ products, drastically increasing the amount of RoundUp pesticides in our nations soil and pesticide runoff into our groundwater and rivers, creating environmental devastation.



FB TPP Twitterstorm 11_12_13Twitter Storm and YOU are invited!

Join our GLOBAL Day of Action to raise #TPP awareness on Nov. 12 by uploading #VoteNoTPPFastTrack photos to social media EVERYWHERE, then STORM together at 9pmEDT/6pmEST.

Activist ToolKit

So, the most important message right now is to contact Congress (focus on Reps more than Senators) and urge to Vote No to TPP Fast Track.  Use this interactive state map to find out how your legislators plan to vote:; when you click on this link, you have to scroll down to see the map, it’s already set on Alabama (alphabetical order/first state); so just scroll down to your state & click.

Flyers you can print and hand out

Call Congress (emphasis on the House, not Senate) to Oppose TPP Fast Track

Protect our freedom.  Protect our democracy.  Protect our future.

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  1. joe says:

    Gmo’s are not suitable for human or any other animal consumption, and are damaging to our land, if you don’t work towards freeing the world of genetically modified organisms when will the greed of corporations eventually damage our eco system to the point of species extinction, I hope your conscience is clear that you have done your best for the health and well being for this earth and its inhabitants yes that means you to!

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