Non-GMO Halloween

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More non-GMO Halloween handouts available  – Institute For Responsible Technology

GMOs and Processed Foods

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Did you know…?

More than 75% of processed food on our grocery store shelves today contain at least one genetically modified ingredient? The top culprits are sugar beets (95% of sugar beets are GM), soy (94% is GM), canola (90% is GM) and corn (88% is GM).

Children are more vulnerable to the dangers of GMOs

  • Infants and young children are more sensitive to chemicals or toxins.
  • Their immune systems and blood brain barriers are not fully developed.
  • They eat more and metabolize their food at higher rates.
  • Infants are three to four times more prone to food allergens, even tiny amounts.

We want you to enjoy a healthy Halloween with your little “bees” and “goblins”. So we’ve put together some links to resources and ideas to have fun and stay healthy.

We’ve marched against Monsanto, we sign petitions and we contact our legislators to label GMOs.  However, did you know the most effective way to get rid of GMOs is to stop buying the products that contain them?  That’s right….if we don’t buy them, they won’t sell them anymore.  The only thing the corporation cares about is their bottom line. Not our health, not the environment, not what’s best for the planet or how to feed the world….but their profit margin is what get’s their attention.


You can do your part of boycotting GMOs this Halloween and offer non-GMO alternatives by choosing either organic or Non-GMO Project verified treats.

Non-GMO Project verified candy and Non-GMO Project verified snacks are great treats without the GMOs.  Organic treats are another good option for those goblins at your door.

Join a GMO-Free Halloween event on Facebook to get ideas of how you can celebrate the holiday without all the GMOs.


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  1. Every family that you reach with WHY you are handing out GMO free candy could be impacted for the rest of their lives. Here is a document
    I spoke to a Mom last week whose teacher of her son could not even tell that he used to be severely autistic and the major change was eating only organic. She is a single mom who makes 40K and she found a way. Please go to and share your story on our survey under “Action” and sign our survey. Moms buy 85% of the food, we need them to know about GMOs!

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